In order of appearance

REPRISE with Danielle Cosby – Musician, her album

RESOURCEFUL with Deavondre Jones of DanceSpire

REINVENT with Hannaniah Whitley – Singer – Health & Fitness

RECONSTRUCT with Brian Kelly – Director, Video Producer, Photographer

RECLAIM with Sarena Rae – Singer/Song-writer debuts album “Heaven”

RELATIONSHIP with Le Tran – MI Art Ed Assoc Teacher of the Year

RETRO with Danny Pellerito – Favorite music, some that is 30+ years old

REDEFINE with Maddy Peters – Her music and teaching

RESURRECTED with Paul Cardall – Billboard Pianist and Composer

RELEASE with Sarena Rae – Her new Christmas Album “River”

RELATED with Tara Cleveland and Judy Pellerito – Music and Motherhood

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