Episode 4.8: REINVIGORATE with Dr. Kristen Craft – 2021 Kansas Principal of the Year, Connecting All Students Through ESports, Surprising Stats in Education, Leveraging this Moment

Episode 4.7: RECKLESS with Ruth E. Crowe – “Withdraw my Name from the Hall of Fame” – An Artist and Athlete Speaks Up

Episode 4.6: REAFFIRM with Dave Warnock – The 3rd Annual Last “Dying Out Loud” Beach Trip from the Alabama Gulf Coast – ALS – Carpe Diem

Episode 4.5: REFOCUS with Rebecca Lair-Ybanez – Immigration Law – Remembering Your Purpose

Episode 4.4: RECALIBRATE with Jason Tieri – A Podcasting Pro, An Unexpected Job Change, A Surprising DNA Test, and the Mending of a Relationship

Episode 4.3: RESOURCE with Brianna M. Brown – A Dinosaur, a Gratitude Challenge, and The Circle Around You

Episode 4.2: REKINDLE with Joe Pellerito – Snow Walk, a Word from Gayle Boss’ book, and YOUR Word for 2023.

Episode 4.1: RELEASE with Sarena Rae – Her new Christmas Album “River”, Music That Raised Us, Big Life Updates. Season 4 Begins!

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