In order of appearance

REDEEM with Kenneth Joyner – Author of “Without a Father”

REWRITE & REBOOT with Flip Flippen – Author of “Your Third Story”

REBIRTH with Gayle Boss – Author of “All Creation Waits”

RECOVER with Daniel Abbott & Razel Jones – Author of “Wounds”

RESILIENCE with Christine Yared – Author of “Private Love Public School”

RESILIENCE with Murphy Lynne – Author of “Am I Invisible?”

RECOVERY with Damon West – “The Coffee Bean” & “The Change Agent”

RELATE with Joseph Reid – Author of “Broken Like Me”

REINCARNATE with Vasavi Kumar – Author of “Say it Out Loud”

REFRAME with Danny Bauer – Author of “Mastermind”, Principal Leadership

RESOURCE with Brianna M. Brown – “Educator Journal” & “The Dinosaur”

REAFFIRM with Dave Warnock – Author of “Childish Things”, his Beach Party

RESILIENT with Graci Harkema – “RISING”, Mud Hut to Boardroom and back

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