Dave’s Bucket List

Career & Business

Write an e-book

Publish a book

Complete my doctorate- completed Aug. 2000

Develop a personal website – completed 2008

Own an auto repair business – completed Dec. 2015

Own a fitness business

Own a consulting business

Become a school superintendent – completed July 2011

Teach at the university – completed aug. 2002

Have an investment portfolio – completed 1996

Develop passive income streams

Give a ted talk

Speak at a church


200 lb deadlift- completed 2008

300 lb deadlift – completed 2016

400 lb. deadlift

225 lb benchpress ten times – completed 2000

315 lb. benchpress – completed 2002

50 pushups – completed 2014

75 pushups – completed 2014

100 pushups – completed 2018

10 pull ups – completed 2016

20 pull ups – completed 2017

Handstand pushup – completed 2018

Learn to snowboard – completed 2004

Barefoot waterski – completed 1996

Hike the north country trail

5k run – completed 1996

10k run – completed 1996

10k run with my whole family

half marathon – completed 2004

Marathon – completed 2004

Half marathon trail run – completed 2018, 2019

Complete an ultra run

Finish an obstacle course-completed 2014

Complete a spartan race

Complete a mud run – completed 2016

Complete a triathlon – completed 2004

Complete a goruck

Bicycle across the United States

Travel and Adventure

Ride  motorcycle in every state (continental) in the United States- completed 2008

Ride a motorcycle on every continent in the world (, Antarctica, , Australasia, , , South America)

Swim in every ocean on the planet

Hike the Grand Canyon

Dirt bike from Canada to Mexico

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Travel for a year

Live in another country for at least 3 months

Learn to surf

Summit  a mountain

Climb a volcano

Hike to Everest Base Camp

New Year’s Eve in Times Square

See the pyramids in Egypt

Visit Machu Picchu

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Visit 5 countries – Completed 2018

Visit 10 countries

Visit 30 countries

Visit 50 countries

Visit 100 countries

Events to Attend

Running with the Bulls

Visit Burning man


Global Leadership Summit-Completed 2010

MindValley University

Summit of Greatness

Awesomeness Fest

Evercoach Summit

Mardi Gras

Paleo FX


Start my own charity/organization

Build a school

Donate a million dollars to charity

Impact one person’s life

Impact 50 people’s lives

Impact 100 people’s lives

Impact 1,000 people’s lives

Simple Life

Live without a phone for a month

Live without any digital stimulation for a month (internet, TV, etc.)

Watch every sunset for a month


Learn to fly a plane

Learn to ballroom dance – completed 2010

Learn a second language

Learn to play the harmonica

Learn to play the guitar – completed 2010

Learn to code

Learn to tie my own flies (fishing) – completed 2018

Take photography lessons

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