In order of appearance

REST with Malik Baker – Teacher, Ref

RECONNECT with Kyle Anderson – Grandville Teacher / Gamer

RECOGNIZE with 3 Seniors – Graduating during 2020 Pandemic

RENAISSANCE with Erik Klouse – Father, Teacher, Artist, Comedian

REWRITE & REBOOT with Flip Flippen – Capturing Kids’ Hearts, Stress Response

REGRET with Shane Naterman – Teacher, Principal, Coach, Leadership

REDEFINE (PART 2) with Christopher Lewis – School Board, polarization

RENEW with Vern Hazard – Teachers, Coaches, Carpe Diem, Finish Strong

RECONCILE with James Pepper Jay – Pastor, Wrestler, Teacher, Vice Principal

RECOVER with Daniel Abbott and Razel Jones – Cultural Navigation in schools

RELATIONSHIP with Le Tran – Mich Art Ed Assoc Teacher of the Year

REBOOT with Kip Ward – Dir of Student Services at Hollister SD in CA

RELEASE with Christiana Kraus – The Principalship – Coach Patty Gasso

RESILIENCE with Christine Yared – Gerry Crane’s Story; LGBTQ+ in classroom

RESILIENCE with Murphy Lynne – “Things I Wish Teachers Knew” – Autism

REFRAME with Danny Massey – TX Superintendent during hurricane and pandemic

REVITALIZE with Johnny Liu – Bringing Life to Students and Staff, Sharing Heritage

REANALYZE with Jason McCowan – Coaching, Teaching, Truth-tellers

REFLECT with Katy Johnson – Teaching and Learning our Country’s History

REDEFINE with Brad Dion – Teacher, “A Different Ability”, Wheelchair athlete

REDEFINE with Maddy Peters – Her music, Teaching in the Classroom, Performing

REFRAME with Daniel Bauer – Principalship – Mastermind – “Making a Ruckus”

RESOURCE with Brianna M. Brown – Gratitude Challenge, Ed Journal, Your Circle

RECKLESS with Ruth E. Crowe – Board Meet “Withdraw my Name”, Artist, Athlete

REINVIGORATE with Dr. Kristen Craft – 2021 KS Principal of the Year, ESports

RELATED with Tara Cleveland and Judy Pellerito – Music Directors, Adoption

RETEST for Danny Pellerito – Dad Reflects on his HS Grad

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