Jeff Thorpe’s Tips to Prevent and Fight Cancer

Everyone has to consider how much they are willing to change when they are faced with this life challenge. This is totally for your information and I never try to push anything on anyone. Hopefully this will help you make some decisions.

I have eliminated all scavengers from my diet. I define that as anything that eats other animals excrement. Example: Pork, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Catfish, Etc. All of that contains carcinogens and I can’t expect my body to fight them off as well as the disease. That is same reason I have eliminated all soft drinks and artificial sweeteners. We have substituted coconut sugar and we buy all organic, pastured meats. I have added Matcha Green Tea to my daily regiment to help stop the mutation. I use Enzo Matcha Green Tea powder from Amazon. I also take a daily dose of CBD oil. It is legal in all 50 states if it is produced using hemp. I get mine from

Each of these things is what I do so that my body does not have to fight other things while it fights cancer: 

I don’t drink any water that has fluoride or any other chemicals in it. I bought a Berkey water filter and that is all we drink and cook with.

We don’t use dryer sheets because of all the chemicals it leaves in your clothes.

I only use natural soap that I buy from Amazon.

I only use organic shaving cream from Amazon.

I use non-fluoride organic toothpaste.

I also use natural deodorant.

We use very little aerosol products and none that have to do with personal hygiene.  

There are no air fresheners in the house that are not natural.

This is what I have added to my daily regiment:

              Juice Plus

              Vitamin D3

              Turmeric Curcumin

              Vitamin B Complex


              Coconut Oil

              OrganiGreens Activated Green Juice from Organixx (On TTAC webite)

I have a few more supplements that I have added if you are interested.

I try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in per day if not more. 

I have read a lot of books and the one that gives you a good look at both sides of the equation is called “Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life”. Most of them go too far against medicine or for it. This gives both sides of fighting the disease.

My favorite website with great information on it is “The Truth About Cancer” although they have gone off the rails lately but I still get some good information from the site.

Here are a couple of others that sometimes have the same information and other times it is something new:

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