ReChoice Survey

Want to participate? Email your responses to the following questions to

1. What is your name?

2. Title or name the pivot point or topic, whether the event is in the past, present, or future. (Ex: “The time I…”, “My experience with…”, “My latest project is…”, “An important insight from…”)

3.  Select a stirring word that begins with the letters “Re”. You can see a giant list of examples at HERE.

4. How does your ReChoice word color your perspective on this particular time, event, or situation?  How can/do you embrace that word?

5. Is there anything else you want our listeners to know?

6.  (A) If open to record a podcast with me, email your best contact info OR (B) If you’d rather I verbally read your responses to this survey anonymously or using a nickname, please tell me here.

“They say that experience is the best teacher, but if you can take the advice the tuition is cheaper.” 

If you have a general question or comment, contact Joe at

Thank you for listening and sharing!

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