Season 1 – 2020

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EP 54: REFLECT – Today, hindsight really is 2020. Feedback and shout-outs from our listeners and new plans for 2021!

EP 53: RETRO with Danny Pellerito – This West Michigan 15 year old loves music that is 30+ years old and not just what was on the radio! He’s arranged some favorites here.

EP 52: RELATIONSHIP with Le Tran – Michigan Art Education Association Teacher of the Year

EP 51: RECOVER with Daniel Abbott and Razel Jones – Authors of the new book “Wounds” – Cultural Navigation

EP 50: RESHAPE with Joy Sparks – Joy Sparks Designs, the “One Word” Challenge, and the origins of ReChoice

EP 49: REBIRTH with Gayle Boss – Author of “All Creation Waits” – What can creatures just outside your window teach about this cold and dark season of Advent?

EP 48: REDEUX with Rachel Decker – Career changes and bringing things “Back to Life”

EP 47: RECONCILE with James Pepper Jay – Pastor -> Wrestler -> Teacher -> Vice Principal. How to pick up the phone and make amends…

EP 46: RECLAIM with Sarena Rae – Singer/Song-writer debuts her album “Heaven” – Recently named a West Michigan Top 20 Emerging Artist

EP 45: RETHINK with Christopher Howell – Professional Magician from London – How to engage a live audience from thousands of miles away.

EP 44: RENEW with Vern Hazard – Senior VP of Solutions at Capturing Kids’ Hearts – This will fill your cup and inspire you to CARPE DIEM – Teachers and Coaches… THANK YOU!

EP 43: REIGNITE with Kyle Ray – Ultramarathon Runner, Pastor, and Wolverine… What drives him to go the distance in relationships and running?

EP 42: REDEFINE – PART 2 with Christopher Lewis – What’s it like to lead on a School Board during polarized times? What is “Fathering Together” doing today?

EP 41: REDEFINE – PART 1 with Christopher Lewis – Cofounder of Fathering Together where membership has exploded! A career can change… When you know your why, you find a way.

EP 40: RECENTER with Ron Fox – Education Leader, Entrepreneur, and Fox Family Man describes the phrase: “TODAY IS THE DAY”

EP 39: REFRAME with Dr. Trinaa’ Copeland – A refreshing outlook on her many roles – As a counselor, what’s it like to witness the moment a client reframes?

EP 38: REGRET with Shane Naterman – School Leader, Husband/Father, and Surfer asks “Why not embrace regret?”

EP 37: RELEASE – PART 2 with Jonathan Rock – How can releasing assumptions help in other areas of our lives? What has Carson continued to teach Jon and his family?

EP 36: RELEASE – PART 1 with Jonathan Rock – Father to an incredible son named Carson

EP 35: RECONSTRUCT with Brian Kelly – Director, Video Producer, Photographer, Podcast Host – Shooting incredible shots of the city of Grand Rapids

EP 34: REGENERATE – PART 2 with John McGee – What’s it mean to speak truth in our current climate?

EP 33: REGENERATE – PART 1 with John McGee – What would you do if you heard “We need to separate?”

EP 32: RESHAPE REALITY with Joy Sparks & Yago Williams – Volunteers with People in Prison

EP 31: REAL with Sarah Sisson Rollandini – Author of “Life After Infertility” – Her incredible journey in becoming a family

EP 30: RESILIENCE with Jenna Arcidiacono – Chef/Owner of Amore trattoria italiana – What was it like to be on “Returning the Favor” with Mike Rowe?

EP 29: REWRITE & REBOOT with Flip Flippen – Author, Psychotherapist, and Founder of The Flippen Group – What is the “Third Story” you are writing?

EP 28: RENAISSANCE with Erik Klouse – Father, Teacher, Artist, Comedian handling changes in Northern California

EP 27: REVERED with Colleen Squires of All Souls Community Church

EP 26: REPARTEE with Danny Pellerito and Joe Pellerito – Father’s Day “Dad Joke” Extravaganza

EP 25: REFUEL with Nick Otto – Outdoorsman – Host of the Huntavore Podcast

EP 24: REINVENT with Hannaniah Whitley – Singer – Health & Fitness Instructor / Coach

EP 23: RESUSCITATE with Dr. Samer Kais of Beaumont Hospital reflects on COVID-19

EP 22: RECOGNIZE with Alexis Duncan, Peyton Templar, and Tommy May – 3 Seniors, 3 High Schools – Graduating in a pandemic

EP 21: REPRIORITIZE with Jeff Thorpe – “Thriver”, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

EP 20: RESOURCEFUL with Deavondre Jones of DanceSpire

EP 19: REFLECT on April 2020

EP 18: RESILIENCE with Michael Catching of Davenport University Football and the GR Chamber of Commerce

EP 17: RE-EXAMINE with Erin Fisk of Fisk Solutions Consulting Agency

EP 16: RESCUE & REHABILITATE with Matt Pepper – President / CEO of the Michigan Humane Society

EP 15: RECONNECT with Kyle Anderson – Grandville Teacher / Gamer

EP 14: REFLECT – March 2020

EP 13: REALIGN with Tara Cleveland of AM Yoga

EP 12: REVEAL & RELEASE with Ben Kraker & Jason Tieri of the Threads Podcast

EP 11: RECLAIM with Lisa Anderson of Grace’s Table
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EP 10: REFLECT – February 2020

EP 9: RELOCATE with Mark Pellerito of the National Weather Service

EP 8: REDEEM with Kenneth Joyner – Author of Without a Father

EP 7: REDEFINE with Mel Trombley of the GR Chamber of Commerce

EP 6: REFLECT – January 2020

EP 5: REPURPOSE with Terry Gates – Triathlete

EP 4: REPRISE with Danielle Cosby – Musician

EP 3: REST – Part 2

EP 2: REST with Malik Baker – Teacher, Umpire, Father, Son

EP 1: RECHOICE ILLUSTRATED – The Heartbeat of this Podcast

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