Spring / East

What do you think when you hear the words “Spring” or “East?” I think of new growth, sunrise, a lightening up, going outside after a long winter, common-sense wisdom, laughing.

The Innocent / Sage – Full-presence Sensing (all 5 senses) – Both joyous and serene, goofy and insightful, having a “beginner’s mind” (open and present) and wisdom (mountain-top perspective); Dawn, Awareness, Rebirth; While perhaps seen as wise, the sage sees the universe as wise. More extroverted (beyond ourselves), light; universal.

Archetypes/Examples: “Sacred Fool, Sage, Trickster”, Taoist master Lao-tzu, Buddhist Dalai Lama, comedians

Read more in chapter 4 of Bill Plotkin’s book Wild Mind.


Mark my Words

Passing Through the Fire


Reclaiming Her Spark

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