These are interviews with CKH teammates (in order of appearance)

REDEEM with Kenneth Joyner – Author of Without a Father

REPRIORITIZE with Jeff Thorpe – “Thriver”, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

REWRITE & REBOOT with Flip Flippen – What is your “Third Story?”

REGENERATE – Part 1 with John McGee – “We Need to Separate”

REGENERATE – Part 2 with John McGee – “The Greater Good”

REGRET with Shane Naterman – “Why not embrace Regret?”

RECENTER with Ron Fox – “Today is the Day”

RENEW with Vern Hazard – Carpe Diem, Finish Strong

REFLECT with Jamie Millan – Daughter – Adoption

REDEFINE with Mark McKinney – Father’s Day Reflection/Challenge

RE-TRI-ALL with Jeff Thorpe, Ron Fox, Joe Pellerito – Teammates & Tri’s

REINVENT with Melanie Edmond – Life Stages & Role Changes

REANALYZE with Jason McCowan – Coaching, Teaching, Truth-tellers

REVISIT & RE-ENTRY with Kenny Joyner – Get in the Game

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