Confidence in the Key of Love

Letter from a young high school student

Dear Mrs. P,
I have had a lot of teachers in my life and a lot of them have taught me things that don’t have to do with school. Through these teachers, I’ve learned my strengths and weaknesses and even what I want to do after high school. But you taught me something more valuable than any other teacher: You taught me that somebody has the power and ability to love unconditionally.
…I have had a rather rough life and a lot of things have happened to make me become callous and hard. And as I grew older, less and less of me wanted to care about others. But when I came to Chorale and you were there to welcome all of us, even though you didn’t know us, something in me changed. As the year moved forward, I could feel myself soften. It terrified me… When I figured out that I was changing because of you, I tried so hard to distance myself from you so I  could maintain my rough exterior. But I couldn’t get away from your kindness. Eventually, I just allowed myself to let your kindness seep into me.
…You have to deal with a lot of people, four different choirs, hundreds of teenagers. That’s a lot to handle. But you do it and you do it with love. You love and care for each and every one of your students, despite them maybe not reciprocating. You make an effort to know each of your students. You do things that some people just do not have the strength to do and you’ve done it for years and years.
I could never do what you do, I could never care so much for people… but I’m going to try and I think that is the biggest thing you have done for me. You have inspired me to love more and care more and have pushed me to be the best I can possibly be.
I’m not going to tell you to stay because I know your time here has come to an end. Above all, I hope that everything you do will treat you well. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You will never how much it means to me.

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