Social Mania

I’m amazed how feelings of anxiety and loneliness have increased as the use of social media has increased.

It feels like social mania. With all the recent negative news, do you feel the world is broken? It always has been, but we’ve never had a firehose of instant accessible “breaking” info like we do now. Or perhaps it’s more like an intravenous needle, but what’s constantly dripping into our system is not helping us get healthy. It’s also a beautiful world, but that can get lost in translation – taking in so much efficient and perfectly crafted messages and stories makes it look two dimensional. It begins to feel like Fakebook. Then, one negative story can quickly outweigh ten positive ones.

Our brains were not designed to take in so much at once. I’ve known it’s not good for me as I’ve gone right back to it. Ever close an app on your computer just to grab your phone and open the app? How did this happen?

I’m cutting back to once or twice a day for any social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – too much real estate in my brain is taken up by comments or worries, bad stuff, ad stuff, good stuff, inconsequential stuff, right and wrong stuff (loud either way – many of us are addicted to being right). Many posts are one-way announcements like this one without a face to truly listen.

My word this year is “create” – right now, that means creating space.

Photo from above Lake Michigan as ice was beginning to melt

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