Season 2 – 2021

Ep 83: RESURRECT with Kevin DeVries – Life after Cardiac Arrest – Is Death a Door? – The Hearts of Men

Ep 82: REIMAGINE with Wynter Thomas – “Haire Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Ep 81: REDEFINE with Maddy Peters – Her music and the meaning behind it – Teaching in the Classroom & Performing on Stage

Ep 80: RELATE with Joseph Reid – Mental Health – Author, Founder of

Ep 79: REDEFINE with Brad Dion – A Different Ability – Wheelchair athlete, teacher, and more.  Lessons from Dad for all of us.

Ep 78: REROUTE – Identical Twins, Different Paths to Fatherhood – produced by Christopher Lewis

Ep 77: RECOVERY with Damon West – Author of “The Coffee Bean” with Jon Gordon and “The Change Agent” – Addiction, A Life Sentence, and Recovery

Ep 76: REFLECT with Katy Johnson – “A More Perfect Union” – Teaching and Learning our History

Ep 75: REANALYZE with Jason McCowan – Coaching and Teaching: The Value of Truth-tellers

Ep 74: REVITALIZE with Johnny Liu – Bringing Life to Others in School and Sharing our Heritage

Ep 73: REINVENT with Melanie Edmond – Acknowledging Life Stages and Role Changes as Opportunities

Ep 72: RE-TRI-ALL with Jeff Thorpe & Ron Fox – Triathlons, Friendship, and Wellness

Ep 71: RETALIATION with Jeff Carter – “Getting Even” – Health care, our polarized country, critical thinking, and how to motivate ourselves and others

Ep 70: REFRAME with Danny Massey – A Hurricane, a 100-year Flood, and a Pandemic walk into a school… as told from the school’s Superintendent

Ep 69: REDEFINE with Mark McKinney – Our Father’s Day episode honoring a past Dad and challenging today’s Fathers

Ep 68: RETIRE, REPLACE, REPEAT (Part 2) with Dave Barry – We celebrate what Dave has completed on his Bucket List and hear what’s ahead

Ep 67: RETIRE, REPLACE, REPEAT (Part 1) with Dave Barry – Your Bucket List and the SHERPA Method

Ep 66: REGIFT with Paul Zenk and Eric Zane – Organ and Tissue Donation Multiplies Life

Ep 65: RESILIENCE with Murphy Lynne – Author of “Am I Invisible? Things I Wish Teachers Knew” – Autism Acceptance

Ep 64: REACH with Joe Pellerito – “The Host in the Hotseat: What is your Why?” – This show is produced by Jim Dells.

Ep 63: REBOOT with Dave Warnock – Former evangelical minister, now atheist, diagnosed with ALS and embracing each day.

Ep 62: RECOUNT with Malik Baker – Our return guest from episode 2 reflects on the last year and we celebrate 50

Ep 61: RESILIENCE with Christine Yared – Author of “Private Love Public School: Gay Teacher Under Fire” – The Story of Gerry Crane

Ep 60: RELEASE with Christiana Kraus – Letting Go of Old Stories – Internal Fortitude as a Parent and Principal – The Gift of a Coach like Patty Gasso

Ep 59: REIGNITE with Mark Pellerito – Incident Meteorologist – Fighting the historic fires in California and Australia

Ep 58: REFLECT with Jamie Millan – Daughter – Adoption

Ep 57: RECALIBRATE with James Dells – PART 2 – Choosing out of Christianity & Interactions with Others

Ep 56: RECALIBRATE with James Dells – PART 1 – Path to the Navy – Choosing out of Christianity

EP 55: REBOOT with Kip Ward – Director of Student Services at Hollister School District in California – The resilience of Mom, the forgiveness of Dad, and how it motivates Kip in his health and relationships.


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