Season 3 – 2022

Ep 3.19: REACCLIMATE – Final Episode of Season 3 – Updates and Celebration

Ep 3.18: RETHINK with Terri Caldwell – DOORS OF HOPE: Homelessness, poverty, relationships, and real solutions

Ep 3.17: REGRET REMASTERED with Shane Naterman: Education Leader – Surf’s Up – A Rear-View Mirror – Killer Dude Trip

Ep 3.16: RENEW REMASTERED with Vern Hazard – Live on Purpose, Forgiveness, Carpe Diem

Ep 3.15: REDEEM REMASTERED with Kenneth Joyner – Motivation, Failure, Fatherhood, Persistence, and the Next Generation

Ep 3.14: REPARTEE REMASTERED with Danny Pellerito – The DadJoke Spectacular Returns!

Ep 3.13: RESILIENCE REMASTERED with Christine Yared – An update to Gerry Crane’s story as written by Christine in “Private Love Public School: Gay Teacher Under Fire”

Ep 3.12: RESET with Mike, Jason, and Joe – An Interview on the Threads Podcast – Fun, Fitness, Friendship, Faith, and Fortune Cookies

Ep 3.11: RE-ENVISION with Matt MacKellar – Coast-to-Coast Trucker and much more – What caused the career changes?

Ep 3.10: REFRAME with Daniel Bauer – Chief “Ruckus Maker” at Better Leaders Better Schools – Author of Mastermind – Principal Leadership

Ep 3.9: RETHINK with Matt Pepper – CEO / President of Michigan Humane – Rebranding & repurposing during a Pandemic. Pets are a universal language for healthier communities.

Ep 3.8: REBIRTH with Mike Van Drie – “Mike Does Tough Stuff” – Running and Rucking – Transformation in Body and Mind during a Pandemic

Ep 3.7: REVIEW-READJUST-REPEAT with IRONMAN Coach Kari Stuart – Mental Fortitude, Knowing Your Why, Endurance Sports

Ep 3.6: RESURRECTED with Paul Cardall – Billboard Pianist & Composer Born with Half a Heart, Embracing Adventure, Receiving a Heart, Bringing Life to Others

Ep 3.5: RETHINK with Jack Leonard Birt – 240 Sq ft Tiny House in the Great Outdoors, Door Dashing in a Tesla at age 28, independence & the American Dream

Ep 3.4: REINCARNATE with Vasavi Kumar –  Business Coach, Therapist – Self Awareness, Self Doubt, Expression, Confidence, & Sobriety

Ep 3.3: REARTICULATE with Jubee Vilceus of Yellow Tail Tech – Tech Trends, Career Pivots, Is College the Answer?

Ep 3.2: REMIX with Liz Musumeci – Surrogate Mom at 40, Embracing Change, Rethinking Family

Ep 3.1: REVISIT & RE-ENTRY with Kenneth Joyner & Friends – Celebrate what we’ve learned in 2021, Get in the Game for 2022

Season 2 – Episodes 55-83 2021

Season 1 – Episodes 1-54 2020

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